All is well at the Millennium Center. I am learning a new culture. I am pretty quickly gaining more confidence in front of people. With My’s and Danielle’s influence and Paul’s constant encouragement. It is a good environment to learn about different stuff and distinct diversity


The reason that we all come to this place, MCPA is to perform. We have a music, drama, and art teacher. Does it help? Yes, it takes you out of your group home. Is it worth your while to come here? Absolutely, you can come paint, draw, and perform. I come here three times per week.


I enjoy coming to the Millennium Center. I have benefited from coming to MCPA. I’ve come here the last four years. My efforts have allowed me to be part of several performances and my singing skills have improved. Millennium Center has helped me enormously discover my potential and has exceeded my expectations. The staff is positively the greatest ever.


Not a change, keep it as is especially the art and drama. I like the whole program. I think it is good and I would not change a thing.