Millennium Center for Performing Arts (MCPA) mission is to provide participants of all ages with a strong artistic, intellectual and practical foundation of music, art and drama.

Music, Art and Theater programs are the heart of MCPA activities; however, our main goals are to be one of the agents to improve and/or maintain cognitive and physical functioning of our participants while maintaining their dignity and respect, improve social skills and socialization opportunities, and re-establish a sense of accomplishment and self-worth.

We aim to build stronger and more viable communities through inclusion of so often forgotten members of society who are part of the diverse fabric of Minnesota’s culture.

MCPA services include adult enrichment program, socialization activities, meals, recreation, transportation and some health related services in supervised group settings. We also provide:

  • Voice and instrumental lessons
  • Performances and art exhibitions
  • Memory enhancing activities
  • Puzzles and board games
  • Socialization and group activities
  • Community outreach
  • Physical fitness activities
  • Cultural and historical tours
  • Recreational fieldtrips
  • Holiday activities

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