Since 2010, Millennium Center for Performing Arts (MCPA) mission is to provide participants of all ages with the strong artistic, intellectual and practical foundation of music and drama. MCPA provides the means to actively explore the beauty, diversity, complexity and challenges of the world around us through the dramatic and musical process. We strive for our artists to develop their own unique creative voice, their imagination and their understanding of music and drama and its role in society.

Our adult day programs, in multiple locations throughout the Twin Cities, serves older adults and persons with disabilities who need a higher level of care, but can still benefit from receiving services in a group setting. We offer a unique model of an arts-based alternative social services and enrichment programs. The programs build stronger and more viable community through inclusion of so often forgotten members of our society who are part of the diverse fabric of Minnesota’s culture.


The components of the adult day care program include the following:

  • Conducts an individual needs assessment at the time of admission to determine the person’s range of abilities, needs and interests.
  • Provides an active program that meets the daily social, recreational and rehabilitative needs of the person in care.
  • Develops an individualized care plan for participants and monitors it regularly, adjusting the plan as necessary.
  • Provides referrals to other needed community services.
  • Provides a range of in-house services, which may include transportation, meals, health screening and monitoring, educational programs, counseling and rehabilitative service.
  • Provides a safe, nurturing environment.
  • Uses qualified and well-trained staff
  • Adheres to or exceeds existing state and national standards and guideline.
  • MUSIC: this program offers the opportunity to experience music through interactive learning.  Using the variety of tool, participants will experience music with their bodies, voices and instrument play.  No musical prerequisite needed.
  • VISUAL ARTS: in this program, the energy, curiosity and excitement of arts are captured through visual discovery. Collage, assemblage, printmaking, drawing, painting, ceramic and 3-d art are explored in a joyful, creative environment.
  • THEATER: this program will include dramatic play, story enactment, imagination journeys, theater games, poetry reading. Periodically participants will showcase their talents at the scheduled performances at mcpa or in the community.

Program activities are designed to meet the needs and interests of the participants. MCPA programs goals:

  • Improve or maintain cognitive and physical functioning while maintaining dignity and respect
  • Improve or maintain social skill through specially designed activities
  • Maintain or re-establish a sense of accomplishment and self-worth
  • Maintain the highest quality of life for participants in a safe & nurturing environment

Daily schedule includes socialization and enrichment activities.

  • Art classes: Each of the three art classes focus either on music, drama and visual arts. They are designed by professional artists to cultivate personal interest, foster participant’s talents and help develop skills. Participants are welcome to attend more than one focus area.
  • Group education: The group education is designed to enhance the knowledge and awareness of the environment, build language and conceptual skills and encourage socializing.
  • Exercise: Daily exercise activities include variety of physical activities and games to stretch muscles, get bodies moving and increase oxygen flow.
  • Art projects/therapy: During this time, participants will have an opportunity to work on their projects. This time is also for one-on-one meetings with staff to discuss any program issues; and receive professional services